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Lu-Anne's Story

Founder and Co-owner of Growing Daisies, a baby clothing range as unique as your child.
I have dedicated my time to nurturing those around me, especially my hubby of 8 years, our children and family, as they are an earlier Heaven to me. As a former teacher I have always been intrigued by how different and unique children are; now, as a mother, this has never been more apparent. I am constantly taken aback by how siblings have such contrasting personalities and senses of style. I was in love with the idea of being able to dress my babies (now toddlers) in something different which no other child was wearing and that would celebrate the uniqueness of my children. I wanted to clothe them in outfits that were perfect for any special occasion and yet durable enough. Therefore, Rene and I have created this range of exquisite handcrafted baby clothing to do just that! Every child blossoms into their own inimitable way and this thought gave me the inspiration for our name: Growing Daisies. Every child is a different, yet equally beautiful, flower and together they make the World the most astonishing and unique garden. Welcome to Growing Daisies!

Rene's Story

Co-Founder of Growing Daisies, a baby clothing range as unique as your child.
As an identical twin, my parents always chose to dress my sister and I in matching outfits. Whilst it was fun, I am convinced that is why I now love shopping and mixing and matching outfits so much – I express myself through my clothes and I love to see children do the same. I always choose well cut, practical and simple clothes that blend in any social setting, be it at home or at a business meeting, or for coffee with friends. Our collections will ensure your child’s outfit is equally versatile. My life is intrinsically connected to my family – and, of course, our future. When Lu-Anne confided her dream to me, I knew that this would be an amazing investment in the future of my own family – and one that would let me celebrate the individuality of every single child. I love to see faces light up when they open gifts that I have given that are thoughtful, personal and bespoke. My hope is that everyone who opens one of our gift boxes wears that exact same smile. Welcome to Growing Daisies.

Welcome To Growing Daisies